Nathan Reid

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I have spent my entire life living in the mountains and foothills of northwestern Maine. From a young age I spent much of my time in rural Maine’s woods and waters; I grew very fond of grouse hunting and fly fishing in particular. As a result of my love of the outdoors I became a Registered Maine Guide and was licensed to provide guiding services for fishing, recreation and as a commercial boat operator. Over the years I became very well oriented with the “backcountry” of Maine from the New Hampshire border to Moosehead Lake. I’m happy to assist anyone looking to find their wilderness retreat in Maine’s mountains and foothills. My wife and I are also modern-day homesteaders, as much as we can be on an acre of land anyway. We keep chickens and ducks, and we have an assortment of fruit trees and berry bushes on our property. We also have a substantial vegetable garden each year. So, if you are wanting to find that forever homestead you’ve always dreamed about feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get you planted where you belong!
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